Available courses

Below are the weekly asana classes that are broadcast on this Rasa Yoga Online School.

To register for Umlimited Yoga Classes, please visit: https://rasayogaschool.org/2-weeks-of-yoga-for-25/

Weekly Broadcast Classes:

  • Monday, 10-11:00 am - Yoga Foundation
  • Monday, 6-7:00 pm - Mindful Flow
  • Tuesday, 10-11 am - Yoga Foundation
  • Wednesday, 6-7 am - Yoga Foundation
  • Wednesday, 10-10:45 am - Nidra Plus
  • Wednesday, 7:15-8:15 pm - Shanti Rasa Flow
  • Thursday, 10-11:00 am - Yoga Foundation
  • Thursday, 6-7:00 pm - Vira Rasa Flow
  • Friday, 10-11 am - Flow Fundamentals
  • Friday, 12-1:00 pm - Tai Chi
  • Friday, 6-7:00 pm - Flow Fundamentals
  • Saturday, 9-10:00 am - Yoga Foundation
  • Sunday, 10-11:00 am - Yoga Stability
  • Sunday, 5-6:00 pm - Pre-Natal Yoga

Being Yoga is a Yoga Philosophy class that covers the philosophical foundations of yoga that, when understood, allow for real integration of yoga into one's life.

Topics discussed include: 

  • Bhagavad Gita (karma, dharma, seva, etc)
  • Yoga Sutras (kleshas, thoughtwaves of the mind, 8 limbs, etc)
  • Personal Leadership (setting intention, priorities, leading edge)
  • Integrating Yoga into Life
  • 7 Steps for Processing Emotions
  • Principles of Community & Relationships

This workshop is appropriate for

beginners through advanced students.

In this workshop you will:

• Increase your respiratory efficiency

• Gain optimum fitness and health

• Develop your power and strength, focus and concentration

• Transform your Yoga into a POWER practice

• Realize total core strength and pelvic stability

• Learn the technique to advance toward the more challenging postures

• Strengthen your metabolic function

• Reduce depression and increase your joy

• Move to a new level of training

• Fine tune your perception of breath and life force

• Have FUN!!

Welcome to Rasa Yoga! We're glad you're here!

Rasa Yoga exists to participate in creating peace on the planet.  Join us as we grow, transcend our limitations, and bring our skills to the world!

These courses are offered to you as our gift.  

If you'd like to study with us more, you can:

    Join the studio for $30 for unlimited classes for 30 days