Available courses

Broadcast of our regularly-broadcasted weekly Asana Classes.  

Weekly Broadcast Classes:

  • Monday, 10am - Yoga Foundation
  • Monday, 12pm - Meditation
  • Monday, 5pm - Yoga Fundamentals
  • Monday, 6pm - Yoga Foundation
  • Monday, 6:30pm - Mindful Flow
  • Tuesday, 10am - Focus and Fundamentals
  • Tuesday, 12pm - Nidra Plus
  • Wednesday, 6am - Yoga Foundation
  • Wednesday, 10am - Mindful Flow
  • Wednesday, 11:30am - Science & Art of Breathing
  • Wednesday, 12pm - Shanti Rasa Flow
  • Wednesday, 7:30pm - Yoga Fundamentals
  • Thursday, 6am - Vira Flow
  • Thursday, 5pm - Foundation & Focus
  • Thursday, 7pm - Mindful Flow
  • Friday, 6am - Yoga Foundation
  • Friday, 10am - Flow Fundamentals
  • Friday, 11:15am - Nidra Plus
  • Friday, 5:30pm - Flow Fundamentals
  • Saturday, 9am - Yoga Foundation
  • Sunday, 10am - Yoga Stability

Being Yoga is a Yoga Philosophy class that covers the philosophical foundations of yoga that, when understood, allow for real integration of yoga into one's life.

Topics discussed include: 

  • Bhagavad Gita (karma, dharma, seva, etc)
  • Yoga Sutras (kleshas, thoughtwaves of the mind, 8 limbs, etc)
  • Personal Leadership (setting intention, priorities, leading edge)
  • Integrating Yoga into Life
  • 7 Steps for Processing Emotions
  • Principles of Community & Relationships
In this 6-class series you will learn:

  • The 7 phases of being a Yoga Student
  • How to define, clarify and specify steps to your success in life
  • How to create results that are in line with your heart's most authentic desires
  • How to Experience abundance in the areas of life that bring you the greatest satisfaction
In This 6-week course you will learn to:

  • Gain stability through emotional mastery
  • Discover the often-overlooked beauty in transition
  • Surf the waves of change like a rockstar
  • Transform unexpected problems into your abundance
  • Expand your perception of what is possible when stuck
  • Love more when grieving
  • Let go of unhealthy relationships

Deliberate Transitions - $135

Say YES to YOU this summer with Padma's gift of Elite Wellness lectures... How to live your life spiraling upward instead of spiraling downward!

Welcome to Rasa Yoga! We're glad you're here!

Rasa Yoga exists to participate in creating peace on the planet.  Join us as we grow, transcend our limitations, and bring our skills to the world!

These courses are offered to you as our gift.  

If you'd like to study with us more, you can:

    Join the studio for $30 for unlimited classes for 30 days  


    Participate in our Broadcasting Package... receive unlimited General Asana classes, Being Yoga - our Yoga Philosophy Class, and Introduction to Success: The 6 stages of a Yoga Practitioner.  - $18.99/month

Hidden in the "basics" of yoga are the secrets to understanding the working of your body and mind.  Through these four (4) weeks, you will learn the keys that unlock the true and deep joy within yoga.  Travel this path with the teachers of Rasa Yoga and never see your practice the same way again!

Weekly topics include:

  • Foundation and Building from the Ground Up
  • Pelvic and Shoulder Girdle Strength and Stability; Core Strength and Spinal Agility
  • The Art of Breathing, Balance and Focus
  • Mastery of Yoga Postures; Healing through Meditation

This workshop is appropriate for

beginners through advanced students.

In this workshop you will:

• Increase your respiratory efficiency

• Gain optimum fitness and health

• Develop your power and strength, focus and concentration

• Transform your Yoga into a POWER practice

• Realize total core strength and pelvic stability

• Learn the technique to advance toward the more challenging postures

• Strengthen your metabolic function

• Reduce depression and increase your joy

• Move to a new level of training

• Fine tune your perception of breath and life force

• Have FUN!!

Gracie addresses all levels of Anxiety, Depression & Agoraphobia from mild to major and share personal success stories!

Healing Through Yoga and Ayurveda - $45

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